We Proudly pour a Premium Well featuring

    Bacardi Rum

    Canadian Mist Blend
    Cutty Sark Scotch

    Gordon's Gin
    Jim Beam Bourbon

    Sauza Tequila
    Smirnoff Vodka  

  1. Cosmopolitan
    Absolut Mandarin. Cointreau, cranberry juice served with fresh lime

  2. James Bond
    The "classic" martini, shaken not stirred, served with an olive. Choice of Gin or Vodka.

  3. Peach Martini
    Absolut Peach and Peach Schnapps.

  4. Apple-tini
    Citadel Apple Vodka, Qreen Apple Pucker. Pucker Up!

  5. 'Absolut'ly Watermelon
    Absolut Kurant Vodka and Watermelon Pucker.

  6. Dirty Martini
    Tangueray Gin with a splash of dry vermouth and olive juice, garnished with an olive.

  1. Margaritas
    Peach or Strawberry. Frozen or on the rocks.

  2. Partida Margarita
    An all natural blend of Partida Tequila, organic agave nectar and fresh lime juice. Best served on the rocks.

  3. Daiquiris
    Bacardi Rum and your favorite flavor: Strawberry, Peach or Banana.

  4. Austin's '1896' Margarita
    House specialty made with Cuervo Gold and Grand Marnier. Available frozen or on the rocks.

  5. Georgia Peach
    A fresh concoction of Bacardi Rum, Peach Schnapps and Peach Puree.

  6. Pina Colada
    Made with Bacardi Rum, fresh pineapple juice and sweet coconut milk.