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    Hannahatchee Creek IPA

    India Pale Ale / 53.3 IBU's • 6.6% ABV This slightly hazy copper brew pours with a white head at only 53 IBU's and has a low perceived bitterness. With a refreshing malty backbone, this beer finishes with a strong citrus flavor resembling orange peels derived from the large Amarillo dry-hop. If you're a hop head, drink this beer.


    American Weiss Beer / 15.1 IBU's • 5.3% ABV Upon pouring, this beer is light in color with very little haze and a very thick head. Similar to traditional German-style Weissbier, this beer boasts huge banana and clove aromas followed by a wonderful taste of banana, vanilla and spices that finishes with a fruity, smooth aftertaste. The fluffy mouthfeel can be attributed to the amount of protein gained from the wheat which also leaves a beautiful lacing in your glass.


    Session Ale / 31.4 IBU's • 5.6% ABV With a hazy, light amber hue, this beer spotlights Citra hops. At only 31 IBU’s, this beer is extremely palatable for all beer lovers. The intense hop aroma and flavor is the highlight of this beer. Citrus, floral notes with hints of pine dance on the tongue while a solid wheat malt backbone supports the intense hop flavor. The fluffy mouthfeel and lacing can be attributed to the high percentage of wheat malt and the heavy handed additions of Citra. This beer will conjure a love affair with hops inside the drinker.

    5.56 Dry-Hopped Lager

    IPL / 45.6 IBU's • 5.5 ABV OBC's new spring release, the 5.56 India Pale Lager, pours with a brilliantly transparent clarity and is dry-hopped with all-American hops; Cascade, Mosaic, and Citra. The crisp mouthfeel combined with robust piney, citrus, and grapefruit aromas make for a sessionable spring lager you'll surely enjoy.

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