Omaha Brewing Company


Our Story

Somewhere in South Georgia not far from a cotton field and a hay pasture, Omaha Brewing Company was founded by a man known as "Doc."

Best ingredients

Leveraging the freshest and locally sourced ingredients with fresh spring water pumped onsite for optimal brewing great ingredients for taste.

Brewing practices

Kept up-to-date with the latest brewing methods and technologies, we stay in-the-know bringing you local craft beer brewed and founded on the dedication of consistency and quality.

Our process

We incorporate our family-oriented upbringing into the craft beer industry and brew a barrel of beer that feels like Southern comfort and crisp mornings Georgia knows best.

Omaha Brewing Company

Coming soon!

Island Rain

Island Rain

Island Rain has been a project of Omaha Brewing Company (OBC) for nearly a year, and we're excited to share it with you for the first time on draft at our three-year anniversary celebration this Saturday - April 6th!

A hard-sparkling water filled with fresh coconut and lime flavors, pouring clear and effervescent. Low calorie, gluten free, no carbs, no sugar and all the flavor. Look for the official can release in the coming months.

Sometimes we dare to introduce certain brands in the market for whatever the reason may be. Sometimes we can't wait to share the newest trend with our family or release a limited brand in the tap room, but our owner summed it up best when we decided to launch Island Rain:

"If you think people look at us funny because we’re a microbrewery in south Georgia and we've decided to brew a hard-sparkling water, you should have seen their reaction when we told them we decided to open a brewery in one of the poorest counties in one of the smallest towns in Georgia six years ago." Robert Lee - Owner & CEO